Key Elements of Social Customer Service

Social customer service is slightly different from social media marketing in terms of its approach. In today’s environment, interactions between customer and businesses happen across multiple touch points. So, apart from marketing and promotion, it is very important to address complaints and answer queries in real-time in order to ensure customer delight and profitability of […]

I Don’t Want To Spend This Much Time On Click Funnel. How About You?

A sales funnel is a clever marketing process. It is a tactic used widely in internet marketing to sell multiple but varying products as well as gather highly qualified email leads. If you can imagine a funnel which is wide at the top narrowing gradually to the bottom, then you can imagine a sales funnel […]

Why Should You Have an Online High School Diploma Now?

According to the US Department of Labor, in average, high school graduates earn approximately $717 more than those people who have not completed their high school program every month. In other words, if you don’t have a diploma on hand, you will miss the income of $8600 a year. Besides, high school graduates are 70% […]