Comedies And Their Attraction in Hollywood Cinema

Everyone loves entertainment. After all, it is the spice of life and it must go on till the life remains. Movies are one of the best sources of entertainment. If talked about comedy movies in Hollywood, they begin around 1900.

The first comic movie made people laugh at the continued sneezing of a man. The movie was “Record of Sneeze”—the title just perfect with the plot. It was the beginner of the trend of comedies. The trend then never took a back gear; just moving on and on. Most of the classic comedy movies were made during the silent movies” era.

Talking about the best performances of comedy actors, Charlie Chaplin stands at the top. He has been awarded as the best comedian till date. His terrific comedy timings and his comic face itself has the power to 123 movie make people roll with laughter. Many of the top comedies are performed by Charlie Chaplin.

It is a fact that comedy movies have more scope to be successful as after the stressful and hectic daily routine, one needs light atmosphere for sure. Watching comedies instead of heavy or negative or extremely meaningful movies relaxes a person in a better way.

Comedies strengthened their grip much more after the top serious actors realized its importance and the attachment of audience to such movies. Hollywood got some of the top comedians who are and will be admired till Hollywood is there. Top comedians include Dudley Moore, Tom hanks, Jim Carey and Eddie Murphy. All of them are simply unforgettable.

Among the best comedies were those of John Hughes. Comedy movies like Ferris Bueller”s “Day Off” and “Home Alone” series of 1990s are cherished till date. However, the focus of films plot later shifted towards family audience.

Comedy movies are basically classified into five categories. “Action comedy” films are the first type. They are a mixture of comic tricks and action. “Midnight Run” and “Rush Hour” are examples of action comedy hits. Next one is “comedy horror.” Such films are a blend of horror or dark themes and humorous dialogues and scenes. “Dead Alive” and “Evil Dead” are two blockbusters in this genre. “Fantasy comedy” films are the third type. Such films use magic and supernatural figures for humors. “Groundhog Day”, “Click” and “Shrek” are examples of super hits of fantasy comedy genre. Next are “Sci-fi comedy” films. As the term suggests, these films use sci-fi themes and comic elements together. “Evolution,” ‘Innerspace,” “Mars Attacks!” and “Men in Black” are some of the unforgettable movies in this stream. Last but not the least are “military comedy” involving military settings with comic situations. “Full Metal Jacket” and “Tropic Thunder” are few famous ones with military comic plots.

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