Launch and Grow Your Business on LinkedIn!

LinkedIn has been best described as Facebook for business.

LinkedIn does work much like Facebook in that we connect to people we know and would like to maintain a relationship with or even get to know better! In business relationships is everything! We cannot build a career or a business without the awareness and interest of other people. In fact, the more people who are aware of us and, better yet, have an interest in our business and us the better. Ask yourself! If ten times as many people knew about me and my business would I be better off than I am today? Of course you would, that is the basis of all paid advertising. The problem with paid advertising is that although it works the cost makes it beyond the reach of many small businesses and it does not work on the career level for employees. It could be also argued that in many professional services business advertising simply does not work – people need trust or personal referrals to do business. This is exactly where LinkedIn has its strongest point.

If we need a pizza or a shovel chances are we might just use Goggle and contact the business located closest to us. On the other hand, if we needed a good Dentist or accountant or a designer for the new restaurant we are planning to launch than we will put a bit more care into our selection. Chances are that we will ask someone with a great smile or money in the bank or a well-designed business. We want someone we feel we can trust – and to find those people we go to our network.

Our network is made up of people we like and trust or people we know something about. If there is already a great Dentist in our Network then that is where we go! If not, then we ask someone in our network for a referral. We do it everyday! We ask for a great restaurant to take our spouse for a special anniversary dinner, we ask for hotel recommendations, we ask when looking for a new staff member for our business. And what happens when we ask? We tend to follow the advice!

Networks are powerful and the bigger our networks the more power we have at our disposal to use for our business. In the past, business Avatrade Linkedin Page people would join clubs and spend hundreds of hours every year meeting people to build relationships in order to establish a large and trusted network. Today those years of efforts can be done within a few short months.

Another powerful aspect of LinkedIn is that your profile and contacts are yours. If you build a high profile while working for a particular company then when you change companies or sectors your entire network continues with you – the power of this cannot be underestimated if you find yourself in a new job or launching a new business.

Using LinkedIn it is possible to build any kind of business! Simply joining and listing your name, however, is not enough. You need to work hard and be a bit clever to get further ahead.

How to start your profile on LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn profile is a business card, CV, company backgrounder and public relations professional all in one package. LinkedIn profiles are highly ranked by search engines. If you have a profile on LinkedIn and do a Goggle search of your name chances are your LinkedIn profile will be on the first page of the search – this is powerful!

  1. Use a professional headshot for your photo. Get a friend with a decent camera or invest in a professional headshot. People viewing your profile will make an instant decision based on the quality and professionalism of your photo. Forget the funny, silly shots. Don’t think you need a photo? Think again! People will not trust you and your effectiveness will be cut to a fraction you’re your profile does not include a photograph.

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