Spy Cameras For Home

You have many options available to choose from when looking for a hidden spy camera. They come with many different features and options. Before you buy a spy camera for home you need to determine where it will be used and for what purpose.The reason I suggest this is some cameras perform better than others in certain situations and environments.You might even decide you need 2 styles of cameras with different options or maybe instead of a low end camera you should consider a higher quality device.

Here’s what I mean…

Is the light sufficient? If not you may need a camera with low light capabilities and better resolution. Do you need constant video or only when there are people in the field of view. If you don’t need constant video then a motion activated spy camera is what you need. A motion activated camera will also allow for more efficient use of your recording media.Is the camera being used outdoor? If so look into a camera with weatherproof housing.

Once you have determined where you will be deploying your spy camera then you can start deciding how you want the camera to be hidden. There are so many choices you may be shocked.

Here are just a few…

Mini wireless spy cameras

These are by far the most popular. Due to their tiny size, wireless capabilities, and the fact that they can be built into functional, everyday items that will never raise suspicion. These spy cameras for home and business now come disguised as wall clocks, clock radios, tissue boxes, smoke detectors, air fresheners, mirrors, electrical outlets, etc…Theses are items that no one will ever give a second thought about – hidden in plain sight.

The wireless capabilities of these units Lawmate USA makes them so easy to set up and operate. No need to run and hide long stretches of wire and no fancy setup. The hidden camera transmits the video feed directly to the recorder over the airwaves. The transmitter is built right into the camera unit and can have a range of 100 meters or so depending on the quality of the unit. The newest spy cameras for home have built in recording capabilities. Some have built in DVR’s which can be connected directly in to your monitor for viewing. My favorite are the hidden cameras which record to an SD memory card. These memory cards are the same memory cards used in digital cameras and camcorders. When your ready to view the footage you simple take out the SD card and plug it directly into your card reader. From there you can download it to your computer for storage and viewing at your leisure.


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